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Useful Links



iNSNet - InterNetwork for Sustainability - aims to support and promote comprehensive sustainable development. We do this by offering an open, international platform for communicating relevant information, knowledge and examples of good practices and results to support the work of people, parents, teachers, workers, businesspeople, politicians and administrators, communicators and leaders for leaving a better world for future generations.


Clear Profit

Since July 2002 we have delivered unrivalled, independent coverage of attempts to align investment decisions with social, environmental and ethical concerns.

To apply for your FREE subscription to Clear Profit, the leading free, independent magazine on responsible investment, email:

To see a free sample issue visit: current issue


CSR today

CSR today is a German language CSR news distributor.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ist ein dynamischer Prozess: weltweit. Neue Projektideen, Konzepte, wissenschaftliche Studien, Unternehmen im Fokus, CSR-Berichte, Stellungnahmen von Verbänden, NGO-Aktivitäten, politische Prozesse - wir halten Sie auf dem Laufenden und informieren Sie wöchentlich, damit Ihnen das Wichtigste nicht entgeht. Lesen Sie selbst!


Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank only lends money to organisations that benefit people and the environment, and uniquely publishes details of every organisation it lends to, so savers know exactly where their money is being used. For more on Triodos' range of ethical savings and investments call free on 0500 008 720 or visit


Charity Bank

Charity Bank, the UK’s first no-for-profit bank, is a unique organisation that solely funds charitable projects in the United Kingdom. The bank has already lent more than L30 million to 400 organisations, many of them community-based schemes that found it difficult securing support from mainstream lenders. Charity Bank’s savings account holders are with them because they share their vision of using personal wealth to provide finance for the benefit of society whilst also benefiting themselves. Tax paying individual and corporate depositors can realise more tangible benefits from saving with Charity Bank through CITRA, their community investment tax relief account.


Ecology Building Society

The Ecology is a mutual building society dedicated to improving the environment by promoting sustainable housing and sustainable communities.


Private Jet Charter Specialist

Private Jet Speciaists


Social BusinessClub

The need for socialBC is based upon the certainty that most online-communities alone cannot build a sustainable communication AND CSR-PR-network for the world’s people. Most known networks are only pure business or pure relation-based. socialBC goes one step further and serves those who seek to breathe certainty into their desire to impact a longer-term online-sustainability of their organisations; socialBC provides a home for the ‘meeting of minds’.


Big Green Book

Big Green Book is the environmental resource that allows companies to find environmental information and suppliers of environmental materials, products and services. From air-conditioners to zoologists Big Green Book has suppliers of solutions to almost every environmental issue your company faces. In addition companies that need to keep abreast of environmental activities and opportunities can join the Big Green Book Environmation Library

NCH: Byte Night

Byte Night is the IT industry’s annual sleep-out in support of young people who are homeless or coping with life after foster or residential care. Every year, hundreds of senior IT professionals get together and sleep under the stars to raise funds for NCH, the children’s charity. NCH works with some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people, who have been affected by homelessness and leaving care issues, to help them achieve their full potential.

Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT is an environmental education and visitor centre in Mid Wales. It is also a registered charity. Its mission is to ‘inspire, inform and enable’ people to live more sustainable lives. It carries out a range of educational activities on renewable energy, energy efficiency, organic gardening, waste and recycling, green living and other aspects of sustainable development. It publishes a quarterly journal, Clean Slate, and runs a programme of courses. CAT free information line 0845 330 8373


Ethical Holidays

Go Differently offers small group and tailor-made ethical holidays and volunteering trips based on the appreciation and respect of the local environment and people. They can show you some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world, handpicked to offer you an unforgettable experience, while also preserving nature and benefiting local communities.


Woolley & Co, Solicitors
wooley co, solicitors

When Andrew Woolley established Woolley & Co in 1996 he wanted to offer clients a new style of legal service, focused on the client not the lawyer. Most law firms have offices, in city centre locations, often well away from where their clients are located. Woolley & Co breaks this mould. There are no offices, just plain speaking legal specialists linked to each other and clients by phone, mail and email links. If you need to see a Woolley & Co lawyer they'll visit you, either at your home, or workplace, in fact anywhere that's convenient.


Woolley & Co has specialist lawyers working with small and medium sized companies and organisations that trade or want to trade on the Internet. We work with such companies to make sure they trade effectively, within the law, and don't face nasty surprises or hefty fines for getting it wrong.

We're known for practical solutions in plain English, being fast and responsive and providing a big firm service at small firm rates. Our website has lots of practical information and advice for businesses whether they are just starting out, expanding or having difficulties. To keep abreast of the latest legal issues why not sign up to our e-zine by visiting


And if you know of anybody unfortunate enough to be divorcing, you can help them by referring them to our specialist site where they will find lots of free information and assistance.

Opportunity International UK

Opportunity International UK helps poor entrepreneurs in 27 developing countries to start or expand their own businesses and become self-sufficient, by providing small loans, other financial services and training. Loans are given through Trust Banks, groups in which members act as each other’s collateral, enabling them to develop their businesses, create new jobs, provide better education, nutrition and health for their families, stimulate local Economies and strengthen communities.


Write to Them

Just type in your UK postcode and this free and extremely useful website shows you the names of your councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs or Welsh and London Assembly Members, gives you advice on who you should write to, and allows you to email them directly.

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