Who were Economie set up to help?


individual investors
the problem

You're an investor who's considering socially responsible investment as a way of aligning your financial planning with your personal values.

You like the idea of using your monetary power to help create a better world. You decide it makes sense to seek advice from a qualified financial adviser who specialises in ethical investment...

Then you discover that ethical financial advisers are very few and far between... In addition the lack of any official exams or qualifications for socially responsible investment makes it difficult to check the SRI competency of the advisers who do claim to be ethical financial advisers.
the Economie solution


We're an ethical investment advisory organisation which supports and trains a nationwide network of ethical financial advisors, without dependence or bias to any one particular group or firm.

We have developed our own SRI exam for financial advisors and introduced the UK's first SRI kitemark. It means we're able to offer investors a unique and comprehensive service - putting you in touch with a qualified financial advisor with proven specialist knowledge of socially responsible investment within your own locality who matches your specific requirements.
the benefits:


Economie can offer investors -

1. Peace of mind that our recommended financial advisers are highly qualified and experts in SRI - We strictly vet all our Financial Adviser Partners * and train them further in SRI where necessary, ensuring they pass our own socially responsible investment exam and monitoring their competency.

* In fact there are very few trained ethical financial advisers and most advisers know very little about socially responsible investment. For many years (until pressure from the Investments public forced a sea change in thinking) the financial sector refused to take ethical investment seriously, and as a result it's still largely overlooked by official financial advisor exams, both basic and advanced. For example, SRI hardly warrants a mention in the Financial Services Certificate of Financial Planning which all financial advisors are required to pass.


It means investors have no benchmark and no way of quantifying the ethical knowledge of an adviser. It also means it's difficult to spot those financial advisors who are merely using ethical investment as a marketing device and jumping on the SRI bandwagon without the necessary expertise.

To remedy the situation Economie developed our own SRI exam as a way of vetting and training ethical financial advisors. All our Financial Adviser Partners * have to pass the Economie SRI Foundation and Intermediate exams. Each exam paper typically takes between 1-3 months of study and provides a solid grounding in the key areas of ethical and socially responsible investment.

* When they pass the Economie SRI Intermediate exam financial advisers receive the Economie SRI International kitemark - the first such standard in the UK financial services industry and a mark of ethical investment expertise.

* Additionally, because the SRI market is so diverse and subject to constant change, we insist that our Financial Adviser Partners * stay up to date by continuing to develop their professional knowledge. They are expected to participate in our own Economie Continuing Professional Development Programme of educational days, seminars and international conferences as well and are also required to pass an annual SRI examination

* All Economie Financial Adviser Partners* are authorised to give financial advice by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and agree to abide by a Code of Ethics and Conduct.

2. Objective, unbiased recommendations - Economie is not authorised by the FSA and we do not provide financial advice ourselves. Instead we act on behalf a wide range of ethical financial advisers across the UK, without being associated with any one particular company or group. It means you enjoy a more impartial service together with the convenience of going via one organisation that vets a number of ethical advisers.

3. Matching your particular needs with the most appropriate ethical financial adviser - Our experience and our access to a wide range of financial advisers enables us match you to the ethical adviser who's best able to deal with your specific needs. Most ethical advisers will also specialise in one particular area of financial investment, typically: investments, taxation & trusts; pensions and life insurance; or mortgages. Some ethical advisers may also have specialist knowledge of subjects such as ethical property investment or financial planning for Muslims.

4. Free initial appointment - at your home or office, or by telephone appointment or email where appropriate. The discussion is an opportunity to explain our services and discuss your ethical investment requirements.

5. Special discounts - Our clients enjoy special discounts on selected ethical investment products and services. Alternatively you can enjoy the same discounts by becoming an Economie gold star member.

6. Will drafting - Our clients and gold star members can also enjoy discounts on a bespoke Will Writing Service.

7. An ethical financial adviser in your geographical area - We can recommend advisers in all areas of the UK.

* For a full explanation of this term see Glossary

A 'win-win' situation:

Everyone involved benefits. You're able to invest in a manner which reflects your own values. The financial services industry benefits from more SRI expertise and higher standards of professional knowledge. And more money is channelled into an ethical direction - making the ultimate winner society and the environment.

Also see Find an SRI Financial Adviser 'Getting Financial Advice' section in FAQ



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