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Economie do not provide financial advice and we are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. However we support and train a network of SRI Financial Adviser Partners* across the UK, without dependence or bias to any one particular company or group. It means we're able to offer investors a unique and comprehensive service - putting you in touch with an authorised financial adviser with proven specialist knowledge of SRI within your own locality. We use our experience and our access to a wide range of advisers to match your particular needs to an SRI adviser with the most appropriate areas of expertise. It means you enjoy peace of mind, specialist ethical advice and the convenience of going via one organisation that vets a number of ethical financial advisers.
qualifications & training:


Specialist SRI advisers offer all the services of a mainstream adviser, but can also help you align your financial plans with your personal values. All our Financial Adviser Partners* have passed the foundational Financial Services Certificate of Financial Planning. In addition they must demonstrate their SRI competency by passing the Economie Intermediate SRI examination (the UK's first SRI exam) and achieving the Economie SRI kitemark. Many of our Financial Adviser Partners* also have advanced qualifications in other areas of financial planning. They are all required to engage in a continuous professional development programme of SRI training and education, this includes passing an annual SRI examination.
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The majority of our SRI Financial Adviser Partners* are 'Independent' or 'Whole of Market' advisers who act on the behalf of the client and are able to advise on financial products from the whole of the market. However, our SRI Financial Adviser Partners* also include a number of SRI specialists who are 'tied' advisers who work for one particular investment or insurance provider or 'multi-tied' advisers who work for a limited number of providers. Economie feel that it should be up to you, the client, to decide which type of adviser you wish to meet.


* 'Independent' and 'Whole of market' advisers offer the key benefit of accessing the whole of the market, although in reality many will inevitably have their own favourite ethical funds and more in depth knowledge of some funds than others.

* On the other hand 'tied' and 'multi-tied' advisers who work for product providers, may be able to offer heavy discounts on selected ethical products, whereas 'independent' and 'whole of market' advisers may not be in a position to do so. SRI 'tied' and 'multi-tied' advisers may also have greater access to the fund managers of their internal ethical funds, and because they offer a limited range of products are likely to have extremely detailed knowledge of those products and their providers.



Economie check that all our SRI Financial Adviser Partners* are authorised to give financial advice by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). We also list and pass any complaints we receive concerning our SRI Financial Adviser Partners to the FSA.

code of conduct:

All Economie Financial Adviser Partners* agree to abide by a Code of Ethics and Conduct.



Economie now subscribe to The Lending Code; copies of the Code can be obtained from