Find an Investor


We look at many factors that can influence a company’s potential for success. Some of the key criteria we focus on in particular when considering an investment are:

  • Strong management team - experienced management team with relevant operational or sector experience.
  • Attractive market - large, growing market with an international expansion strategy.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage - a clear technological advantage, scalability and high barriers to entry.
  • Potential for explosive growth - your company should have the potential to become a market leader in the near term.

Communicating with Potential Investors

Investors are looking to make a profit, they will make their mind up within a matter of second about whether they find your business interesting and if they see a financial benefit from investing into it. We help you sell your business through our many skilled employees who have tried and tested many methods over the years.


"There may be a lot of truth in the saying ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, but it can grow for you, if you bank, save, and invest wisely, and make the most of opportunities available to add to your income."

We help you define the most important aspects of your business and the qualities that investors are invested in. This is just the first stage of marketing your business whether it be a start up or if your looking to expand it geographically.



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