Ethical pension?


how can I find an ethical pension?


Occupational pensions: Since July 2000 the trustees of an occupational pension fund are legally required to declare in its Statement of Investment Principles to what extent, if at all, they take ethical, social and environmental factors into account when instructing investment managers on behalf of pension members. They are not obliged to use ethical screening, but some now do so. If you are a member of an occupational pension scheme, you may like to inquire about what policies your scheme has adopted and how the effectiveness of these policies is monitored.

Personal pensions and AVCs: Ethical fund choices are available on many personal pension and free standing or in-house AVCs.


Stakeholder pensions: Investors in stakeholder pensions can ask their employer to designate a stakeholder pension which offers the choice of an SRI fund.


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A pension is a long term investment so Economie strongly recommend you seek advice from a specialist ethical financial adviser. For further information, visit to download EIRIS's 'Changing world of pensions - Guide for pension scheme members' (2009).


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