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Ethical Investments

personal finances:

what types of ethical investment are available?


The financial services market has grown considerably in recent years. Whatever your circumstances, there is likely to be an appropriate socially responsible solution. For more information click on Ethical Investment Products.


How do I find out what ethical funds are available?

You can find lists of ethical funds at SRI Fund Prices & Performance. Once you have invested you can monitor the value of your socially responsible trust on a daily basis using the prices published here or in financial papers.


If you're unsure how to invest your money, don't be afraid to save it. Start small with the saving and put some money boxes in the the home to remind you why you're saving.


Will my money go to good causes and companies if I invest in an ethical fund?

Cause-based investments are usually made directly to an organisation or via a bank, building society or loan fund.


Socially responsible unit trusts and similar investments invest in shares and bonds of large companies quoted on the stock market. They use socially responsible screening and/or shareholder influence to achieve their social, ethical or environmental goals.


They buy shares and bonds mainly from other investors with the purpose of benefiting from dividend payments from the company and from the capital growth in the value of the shares of successful companies. The purchase of shares and bonds channels money to the company themselves only when they issue new shares or bonds. Having shares and stocks that are in good demand may make it easier for a company to borrow money.





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