Ethical general insurance?


how can I find ethical general insurance?

For the general insurance of homes, vehicles, holidays and businesses there is currently little available for the ethical consumer. However a growing number of insurance companies are beginning to implement socially responsible policies across the whole of their portfolios, and are adopting engagement and dialogue approaches to encourage companies to improve their social and environmental records. To avoid confusion please bear in mind that the term 'ethical insurance' often refers to the advice and quotes on business protection and pensions side of insurance and not the general insurance referred to above.


* The United Nations Environment Programme's(UNEP) Insurance Industry Initiative issued a Statement calling on insurers to integrate environmental considerations into their business activities which a number of insurers have signed. You can ask your insurer if they have signed up.
* Naturesave is an environmental insurance intermediary. Naturesave offers household buildings and contents insurance, annual travel insurance and commercial combined insurance with all policies insured through Lloyd's of London.
* The Environmental Transport Association provides car insurance and does not lobby for new roads.



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