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Economie was always an active organisation and saw its role very clearly. Below is a guide to their sphere of responsibility.


our actions

Beliefs and ideals are worthless unless they are translated into practical action:

1. Economie promotes socially responsible investment worldwide to an increasingly curious general public, to investors, whether individual, organisations or corporate, to financial advisers, to the financial services industry, policy makers, the government and business. We seek to educate the public on the links between the financial cva sector and social & environmental issues. We campaign for companies to try the free pension calculator adopt socially responsible policies and for policy makers to develop loan insurance frameworks to encourage corporate responsibility policies. We also encourage the development of appropriate SRI practices and vehicles. In addition we wish to provide a forum for discussion and debate, for our members and the wider public, about SRI issues and developments. Compensation claim .

2. A key part of our work involves increasing public access to expert SRI advice (which unfortunately is still very rare, though to see how we aim to change this see 4). We support and train a network of Economie Financial Adviser Partners* across the UK, without being associated with any one particular group or company. It means we can offer potential ethical investors a unique and objective service - putting them in touch with a qualified strictly vetted Financial Adviser with specialist knowledge of socially responsible investment within their own locality.Chester Zoo

3. We are working to increase standards of SRI expertise, qualification and training within the financial services industry. We have developed the UK's first SRI examination together with an international SRI kitemark accreditation for advisers who pass the Intermediate exam. As well as improving professional standards this also gives the public a benchmark by which to judge ethical investment expertise, thereby increasing public confidence in SRI options. We also encourage advisers to continue their education by providing a continual professional development programme.

4. We offer a service whereby we investigate and campaign on behalf of investors and the general public on particular SRI issues of concern to them, see Economie watchdog.

5. Economie co-ordinate a wide range of events, from training sessions for Financial Advisers, to small seminars to international conferences, spanning the full spectrum of interest in socially responsible investment. Some events are aimed specifically at financial advisers while others are designed for a wider audience. Our international conference, Economie 06, brings together SRI experts from around the world, providing a unique global forum for the discussion of ideas and creation of solutions.

6. We focus strongly on the promotion of SRI within charities, trade unions, caring professions and NGOs because history shows such groups have pioneered the ethical investment market and suggests they can play a key role in its future development. To encourage this we provide affinity arrangements such as will-writing services.

7. We assist solicitors and accountants in the development of financial services provision within their practice, allowing us to reach and offer the option of SRI to a wider audience.
8. We are developing a worldwide network of Economie partners dedicated to the promotion of socially responsible investment. We strongly feel that the cause of SRI does not benefit from parochial attitudes or narrow limited thinking. We believe the entrance of SRI into the mainstream will be hastened if we work together and use the synergy that comes from the exchange of different ideas and viewpoints.

9. For similar reasons we also believe in co-operating and working closely with other SRI organisations and industry partners, whether local, national or international. We believe all parties benefit from the exchange of information and ideas.

*For a full explanation of this term see Glossary

For more information about our services:

* Individuals Investors
* Charities, NGOs & Others
* Financial Advisers
* Solicitors and Accountants

If you have any questions or wish to collaborate with Economie in any way, or if you feel you have the commitment, experience and background to play a role as an Economie partner, we'd love to hear from you. Just ring +44 (0)870 3661 531 or contact us.

If you share our concern for the world and its future and believe in using money as a force for good join us.

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