Who Economie Were?

Economie is an international organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of socially responsible investment worldwide.


1. A movement for a new century - At the dawn of the 21st century the world faces a time of change, crisis and opportunity. Economie believe that we are at an immensely exciting stage in the development of SRI and at the cusp of potentially huge changes. More and more people are changing the way they think about money and recognising its potential for good. Our aim is to contribute to and accelerate the transition of SRI from its current niche position - where in most countries it still accounts for a very small proportion of the overall investment market - to the day, hopefully not too far in the future, where it achieves mainstream status and is regarded as the norm.


2. A non-regulated organisation - We are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) nor any other international regulatory body, and do not provide financial advice ourselves. We are, however, committed to increasing access to expert SRI advice for all those who share our concern for the future of society and the environment. To this end we support an extensive network of different Financial Adviser Partners* across the UK who specialize in helping clients engage in socially responsible investment. We vet, train and monitor all Economie Financial Adviser Partners* to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality independent financial advice, both at the outset and on an ongoing basis.


3. Talking to investors - Rather than restricting our focus to financial advisers, the investment industry, the government and SRI 'experts', we believe in an inclusive approach that also involves talking to investors themselves, whether individuals, organisations or companies. This is because historically the socially responsible investment movement has grown from the 'bottom up' rather than 'top down'. The growth of SRI has been primarily consumer driven with the individual truly 'making a difference'. It's why Economie intend to make the field of SRI as accessible to as many people as possible.


4. Campaigning on your behalf - We offer a service whereby if you inform us of the background to an SRI issue or concern we will raise it on your behalf, doing all we can to investigate and resolve it. Whether you have read something or seen something on TV, are concerned about stock or the provenance of a particular product, or disapprove of a company's activities Economie will look into it for you and do everything in our power to achieve a satisfactory conclusion. So if something has triggered your interest or aroused your suspicions tell us about it! Economie watchdog

5. An international network - At the heart of the Economie ethos is the belief that we can achieve much more by working together than by standing apart. We are a worldwide network of fourteen international partners, with a UK base in London. We believe that everyone, including the SRI cause itself, benefits when countries collaborate with each other, and the SRI debate is opened up to new viewpoints, fresh approaches and different experiences. We aim to bring together the different strands of SRI internationally and act as a voice for SRI.

* Economie international partners: Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

6. A diversity of partners - Our collaborative approach also means we bring together experts from many different fields, allowing us to boast an impressive depth and breadth of collective knowledge and experience. Economie partners, who all share a common desire to use money as a force for good, have expertise in areas including:

* Financial Advisers - Our partners include Financial Advisers who pioneered SRI in the financial services industry in the early days of the 1980s, developing a concept that was then considered by many as a rather twee, not terribly serious, area of finance. Amongst them is the founder of one of the UK's first National Independent Financial Advisery Companies.

* Fund management - including for Deutsche Bank and Tomkinson.
* Financial consultancy - eg for the British Medical Association (BMA).
* Charity sector experts - especially fundraising. Includes the ex-chief executive of Anti-Slavery International.
* SRI experts - with a wealth of knowledge in SEE issues
* Compliance experts
* Regulatory/government experts
* Legal experts
* SRI Researchers - researchers who have worked for investment institution and independent research providers, analysing companies' SEE performance.
* Environment/sustainable development - including a partner who participated in Unesco projects on global warming and climate change before such subjects were commonplace in the media.
* Experts in fair trade and developing countries - eg working for VSO.




Economie now subscribe to The Lending Code; copies of the Code can be obtained from