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This website is NOT associated with Economie. It is a history of the organisation and an outline of its goals, aspirations and reason d'etre.


The organisation was a leading force in offering financial advice to those investors who wanted to look at ways their money could be used and wanted to see both an ethical and a positive social impact from its use.

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Feel good about making money

More and more people are realising that it doesn't have to be that way. Socially responsible investment (SRI) combines the ethical, social and environmental considerations of the investor with their financial objectives. It avoids the anomalous situation of a cancer charity unknowingly supporting a tobacco company or a pacifist investing in the arms industry.


The First Report of the Pensions Commission presents the Commission’s analysis of and conclusions on the adequacy of pension provision and saving in the UK. It sets out the challenge society faces and the unavoidable choices which need to be made. The First Report was published on 12 October 2004.


"Get expert advice on investing your money the ethical way"


By consulting a Financial Adviser with specialist SRI skills you can align your financial planning with your personal values: It allows you to have control - you should have a say over which companies your hard earned money supports and what activities it's used for. It means you can have a Contractor Calculators clean conscience and feel good about your investments, knowing you are not compromising your beliefs and principles. It means you take responsibility for the effect your investments have on human, animal and environmental life. And it enables you to use your monetary power to bring about positive social and environmental change whilst still enjoying competitive returns.


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Economie aims to help create a world where investment with social, environmental and ethical consideration is the universal norm. We believe, as a matter of principle, that each individual should be able to invest in a way that reflects his or her personal values. Perhaps more importantly, we believe that together we can take charge of our monetary power to build a future in which prosperity doesn't rely on the impoverishment of others, despoiling the environment or fuelling conflict.


Bright Finance was one of the key sponsors at the national conference, with many attendees visiting the Bright Finance stand to learn more about their business and many attending the Conference seminar Bright Finance delivered.

We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer and will consider applications from all age groups and backgrounds. Our policy is to recruit and develop staff on the basis of their suitability for job roles.

This section of the site is designed to assist companies of all sizes when they are unable to pay their debts or it can be seen that their liabilities are greater than their assets.


We aim to achieve this by raising global awareness of socially responsible investment, by transforming attitudes towards it and, more specifically, by increasing public access to expert SRI advice. This website lists financial advice that was freely given by Economie on all areas of ethical and socially responsible investments. The authors take no responsibly for any of the financial information or advice herein and are advise to take independent advice before proceeding with any investments, pensions or mortgages.


Financial insurance is often overlooked, as many childcarers believe they are automatically covered when taking minded children on outings or even to the shops. This may not be the case - we advise all childminders to check the small print of their policies.

Insurance industry warns policyholders to get gold and silver revalued

Households and individuals who own precious jewellery, metals and gems are being warned by the industry to check that they have sufficient insurance cover.

If you have more than one lender, then you can ask the Court to arrange an administration order which allows for all the debts to be added together. An administration order can only be made for debts totalling less than £5,000. One payment is made every month to the Court who share it out among the lenders.


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